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At CRS Interiors, we understand how crucial your people are to the success of your business and that your office plays a pivotal role in supporting their wellbeing and cultivating a dynamic, productive environment.
Our workplace consultancy service helps businesses to identify key objectives and optimise their workspaces to boost productivity and employee wellbeing. 
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Understanding your requirements

Our team of experts employs various methods that are tailored to your organisation’s objectives, such as surveys, workshops and questionnaires, to gain a better understanding of your business requirements.

By asking relevant questions and engaging your people in meaningful exercises, we aim to help you identify areas where you can get the most value from your space.

With a well-informed budget and employee feedback, key stakeholders can make an educated decision.


Solutions tailored to you

Workplace consultancy is a great way to establish which of our service offerings is right for you, especially if you’re unsure about how to optimise your space, enhance productivity or align your office environment with your evolving business objectives.

Our range of services caters to diverse needs, from a complete turnkey design and build project to an office refurbishment or relocation.


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What does our process involve?

The brief

Through our consultancy service, we help you to build and develop a brief that’s tailored to the unique requirements of your office space.

Client activity

In order to do this, we use a collaborative approach to understand how your activities, interactions and culture currently works in your business.

Solutions provided

By delving into the intricacies of how your team operates and collaborates, we gain valuable insights that shape our recommendations. This enables us to offer personalised solutions that are aligned with your objectives.

A commitment to wellbeing and sustainability

At CRS Interiors, we’re all about making your office both environmentally friendly and people-focused, prioritising workplace wellbeing and sustainability.

We have the expertise and partnerships to help you achieve your sustainable carbon goals. We are also committed to collaborating with manufacturers and suppliers who use sustainable materials and practices.


Other services we offer

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We design innovative office spaces, with your people in mind, to optimise productivity and foster a thriving work environment.


Office Fit Out

Transform your workplace with our turnkey design and fit-out services, where we’ll create an office that better reflects your culture, achieves your objectives and increases productivity.

“CRS Interiors have delivered a first-class product.  Not only did they take the hassle out of the design phase, at a time when I was focused on starting up the company, they also provided some great advice on what would and would not work in the office space.  Mary remained accessible for queries and answered any question I had in a timely manner, which reassured me that the product would be delivered on time and to my specifications.  In fact, my expectations were exceeded.”

Robin Adlam

Managing Director UK

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