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Since 1973, DIAM Group continue to be market leaders in Visual Merchandising, from concept creation to point-of-sale installation and in-store services. They have developed a global footprint over the years and established themselves in 20 countries worldwide, supporting international brand development thanks to a local presence and global expertise

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DIAM required a complete refurbishment to provide an activity-based office, enabling the team to collaborate, communicate effectively, and reflect its branding within its design.

The office was to provide an informal space for the team to take breaks and socialise away from their work areas. This area would also serve as a place where the entire team could come together for updates and morning briefings. The floor plan and team adjacencies needed to be reviewed and revised to reduce the noise across the office.

In addition to this, a manager’s office and additional meeting rooms were required, which would provide confidential spaces with appropriate acoustic and visual properties.



Their future aspirations and objectives were discussed after visiting the client’s office and observing their current practices and behaviours. CRS Interiors designed and delivered a flexible open-plan office space, which included a workplace café with upholstered and practical furnishings suitable for dining and collaborative office activities. An updated, larger kitchen was also included to provide extra space for users.

A new desk plan that delivered effective team engagement using correct adjacencies was implemented. Meeting rooms and a single office were included. Manifestations that provided visible confidentiality reflected the company logo & branding, which was carried through the office using flooring designs, graphics and feature decoration.



DIAM was delighted with its new flexible office, which improved operations and provided added value for its people.

The team immediately embraced the workplace café, using it as a focus space outside of lunch: informal ad hoc meetings and a social place to congregate and dine together. With the addition of more collaborative spaces, the meeting rooms are now more readily available for informal meetings.

The new desk plan improved the communication behaviours across the teams, reducing general noise levels within the office.

During our aftercare visit, the whole team expressed how the office environment had improved, giving them a variety of spaces to work that supported their daily activities. The spaces provided areas for focus and collaboration, and along with the new desk plan, a quieter, efficient and engaging office was delivered.


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